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Our discount  accessories and accents are at affordable prices. Imagine a room with all the
basics--carpet, couch, chairs, tables--but nothing else for home decor. Now imagine all the
rooms you could create with a few touches of inexpensive
home decor. The life of a room is in
its accessories, and it takes its life from the person who chooses them.

Perhaps there's a miniature Zen sand garden
home decoron the coffee table. A bamboo water
fountain splashes melodically on a black lacquered stand near the door, and sculpted cork
plaques with red tassels add a bright spot on the wall home decor. This is a room that
breathes serenity and sophistication.

Suppose that table near the door is distressed white wood, and on it there's a charming
picket-fence planter with ferns and African violets as part of your home accessories.  There's a
pretty floral swag on one wall and a rose candelabra on the coffee table.  Now that same room
suggests a cozy cottage home decor. Dont leave your couches and chairs bare without home
decor on them! Throw decorative round pillows on them to make them feel cozy. A nice lamp
home decor on an end table will add extra lighting to the room as well as a couple of nice
candles in candle holders. Planters can also help fill up a bare corner as well as on a counter
or shelf.   Express Yourself with
Home Decor and Home Accessories

Garden and Lawn Decor
We specialize in affordable discount Garden Decor at wholesale Prices at JB Wholesale.
Wholesale Garden Decorations can range from a delicate little wind chime to a full scale
gazebo. There are major types of inexpensive
garden decor, such as fountains, arbors;
smaller types such as plaques, stepping stones and birdfeeders; and items that are functional
as well as decorative such as thermometers, feeders and
garden statues. No matter what size
or style your
garden decormay be, you can find garden and lawn decorations to embellish it at
JB Wholesale.

Home Accents and Accessories
We carry a line of discount home accents at wholesale prices you want. It's the home
furnishings, the finishing touches, the small but significant items and
home accents that give
a home character and personality.  When you're decorating a new home from scratch,home
accents are often overlooked in favor of the major decisions about flooring, wall coverings and
large furniture such as beds and sofas.  Their lack will soon be apparent, though, when you
look around and realize that your room doesn't look "homey." Utilizing home accents can help
in this situation.  

Unique Wall Decor Decorating
At wholesale prices a large selection of  Wall Decor to fit your budget at affordable prices.
Unique wall Decor and Wall Plaques framed pieces can range from original art to prints and
posters to family photographs.  Try to avoid having one piece of wall decor centered on each
wall.  Instead, group many small pieces of unique wall decor together to create one unified
display.  This is especially effective with family photos. Inexpensive wall decor doesnt mean it
has to be cheap looking.

Think Outside the Frame
There are other types of wall decor besides framed pieces.  Plaques are purely decorative, but
other types of unique
wall decor, such as hooks, mirrors, shelves and clocks also serve a
useful function.  Try our folk art animal hooks unique wall decor, perhaps, by the kitchen door to
hold coats and umbrellas.  Or give your bathroom the atmosphere of a charming seaside
cottage with coordinating lighthouse motifs in a wall decor plaque and hooks.

Tired of the same old coat rack? Consider a unique wall decor rooster tile coat hanger that
doubles as wall decor. If you like the sea, we have a selection of
wall decor lighthouse wall
plaques that are also coat hangers. A dragon welcome sign and unique wall decor dragon
wall plaque would look great in your entrance way if you like that theme.
Wall decor and
plaques are very functional pieces when they are combined with hooks to hang things on.

Texture is an important element often overlooked in
wall decor.  Look for three-dimensional
items such as carved architectural elements to hang over doorways.  Many of the functional
unique wall decor elements such as hooks, shelves, clocks and sconces also provide textural
interest.  At  JB
Wholesale we also have self-contained wall fountains for use indoors or out.  
These not only add another spatial dimension, but soothing sound as well.

Your local retailer is thriving with clever great ideas for your wall decor, like themed wall murals
wall decor, sports wall decor borders, and inexpensive decals. All the different types of wall
decor make a statement of your taste. Kids love posters as wall decor, and murals add a touch
of elegance as wall decor. Personalizing your wall decor can give warmth to your rooms. If you
are into nature, use animal wall decor and surround with a few safari vases. Wall decor should
also be interchangeable between rooms. Select carefully and spend wisely!

wall plaques is a great way to help bring a room together, especially with our wholesale
prices. Wall plaques can enhance your décor as one of your focal points in the room. If you
have a medieval theme, we have
wall plaques to complement it such as our dragon wall
plaques. If you have a country theme in your kitchen, try one of our fruit or animal wall decor
plaques to complete your theme. The kitchen area is probably one of the most undecorated
rooms in a home. Counters have accessories, tables have the latest salt and pepper shakers.
Yet the walls are the last to have plaques and its this wall decor that helps bring a room

Surrounding your wall candleholders with wall plaques can help bring a cozy feeling to that
area. To give your door entrance a nice look, use
wall plaques that has coat hooks on it. Your
guests will love it! Its also a great place to hang keys from. This type of hook wall décor will
also spruce up that area instead of leaving plain hooks on a bare wall.

If you want an outdoor look, use a fishing or golf
wall plaques. At JB Wholesale we carry those
too! What a great gift for him. If your room has an antique look to it, there are many wall plaques
in the antique theme that will complement that décor. Our wall decor antique rose frame or wall
pocket are beautiful wall plaques that would look great with your antique theme.

Our products include a line of wall decor, and wall plaques (including flat wall plaques, and
round wall plaques. Consider a golf wall decor item for a gift. Or new paint colors for your wall
decor.  Enjoy your wall plaques shopping experience at our store.